Easy French Manicure At Home

easy-French-manicure-at-homeWhenever you go to party, you want to look stylish. You want to wear a stunning dress and also want to apply charming makeup but if you forget to tune your fingers and nails properly, then that will definitely spoil your appearance in a gathering. Here is a simple French manicure which you can easily do at your home and can keep your fingers in a nice shape.


French Manicure at home

  • Take a mug and put some warm water in it.
  • Take a little hydrogen peroxide and mix it in water.
  • In order to get a foam formation, mix small quantity of shampoo in it.
  • Solution is ready now, put your fingers in this solution for at least 10 minutes.
  • Afterwards, dry your hands and bleach them and again put your fingers in the solution.
  • Now clean your nails and remove dead skin with the help of cuticle cutter.
  • Now dry your hands and apply some hand lotion on your hands and give a nice gentle massage.

This was a simple and easy to do manicure, which you should do at least once a week, so that your hands and nails are in proper shape.

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