Home Remedies For Healthy and Beautiful Nails With New Tips

Nails have always been my favorite thing to paint. When painted correctly they can make your hands look very pretty. It is also important to determine what sort of nail color will suit you, but more important than choosing the right nail color is; Keeping your nails in healthy and beautiful shape. Your nail color will look good only when you have kept your nails in good form. So, in today’s health and beauty article we will be discussing Home remedies For Beautiful and Healthy Nails with New TipsWondering what did u mention new? It’s simple i decided to write something that we might not find that easily on GOOGLE.

Beautiful And Healthy Nails With New Tips

home remedies for healthy nails

One thing you should always know is that keeping your nails healthy is very important. As they are part of your body so you must pay attention to them. There are many factor that will help you determine whether your nails are healthy or not. One such factor is the color of your nails. This color is an indicator of not only your nails health but also your general health. So, it is very important that you maintain the health of your nails. Because if your nails are pretty only when will your hands looks pretty. Bad condition and shape of nails can really make your hands look hideous. Home Remedies For Healthy Nails With New Tips are as follows.


Home Remedies for Healthy Nails

The first thing that represents the health of your nails is “Transparency”, healthy nails are transparent and they always have a pink tonality.

  • Secondly if you are a nail polish lover just like me, you should take off the nail color at least for 1 or 2 days so that your nails can breathe. This is a very important tip to follow. 
  • Rather than using artificial nail shiner, opt for the alternative natural one. To add a nice shine to your nails you should do their massage with coconut oil or warm castor oil. For better results you can always mix the two. 
  • To make your nails white, all you have to do is to dip a cotton-tipped swab in hydrogen peroxide to clean under the nails.
  • Another important step to keep in your mind is; when you decide to give yourself a manicure, make sure you dip your nails in warm water containing one tablespoon of lemon juice at least for 5-10 minutes before your start with the manicure. 
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