Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Serious Fights With Each Other

Showbiz is the game of cunning people. In this field, celebrities become friends and enemies at any moment. Some fight due to jealousy while some have hatred in their hearts. Some become true friends while some become friends just to show off!

So here are the stories of some famous Pakistani celebrities and their serious fights with each other.

Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Serious Fights With Each Other

Fight of Veena Malik and Syed Noor

Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Serious Fights

All of us are aware of Veena Malik Big Boss controversy. After her scandals, Veena Malik was interviewed on different Pakistani news channels. Many people cursed her and even gave her life threats if she come to Pakistan.

Is Veena Malik Getting Religious?

Those days famous film director/producer Syed Noor was also against her. Talking to a tv Channel (Express News) program front line with Kamran Shahid, Veena said to Syed Noor:

“If you are sitting at a big seat and you have a big name in the industry, it’s all due to me.”

On this Syed Noor replied:

“Veena Malik! Have you forgotten those days when you specially came to spend night with me in Murree Hotel?”

Battle Between Jawad Ahmad and Abrar Ul Haq

jawad ahmad and abrar ul haq

Once Shehzad Roye, Jawad Ahmad and Abrar Ul Haq were invited to Express News program Front Line With Kamra Shahid. During live transmission, Jawad Ahmad claimed that Abrar Ul Haq is talking illegal money from people. He said:

“Abrar Ul Haq is looting people. He does not take charity/donations for hospitals but he take this donation for himself”.

Abrar Ul Haq was near to answer strictly but Shehzad Roye stopped the fight between the two.

Fight Between Saba Qamar and Hamza Ali Abbasi

Fight between Saba Qamar & Hamza Ali Abbasi


Showbiz is the world of fight and friendship. In this field, celebrities become friends not for the love because every celebrity is jealous of other celebrity.

Hamza and Saba Qamar remained in a relationship for a few time period. Many people claimed that their relationship is true but Hamza and Saba denied and said that they are just good friends.

saba qamar fight with hamza ali abbasi

After Saba Qamar item song, Hamza Ali took a strict action against her. On this Saba Qamar replied:


“Hamza Ali Abbasi is Meera (Pakistani actress) of Boys!”

War of Words Between Sana Fakhar and Sangeeta

sana fakhar and sangeeta

About six to seven years before, Pakistani actress Sana said:

“Sangeeta supplies young ladies in Dubai”

The fight between the two became so severe that Sangeeta had to come on different channels to clarify the allegation.

But this is an old story. As I told you before that in showbiz everyone is friend but in reality they are jealous of each other, so now Sangeeta and Sana have become friends.

Fawad Khan and Badar Khaleel Fight

fawad khan and badar khalil

During 2014 Hum Awards, senior and respected actress Badar Khaleel was sitting with Hum Tv owner Sultana Siddiqui. Fawad Khan asked the award management to make him sit with Sultana Siddiqui otherwise he would leave the show.

On this Badar Khaleel became so disappointed that she left the show and Fawad Khan sat with Sultana Siddiqui. Talking to Dawn News, Badar Khalil said:

Fawad Khan Insults Senior Artist Badar Khalil on Hum Tv Awards

Mubashir Luqman and Aamir Liaquat

Once in a live transmission, anchor Mubashar Luqman said:

“The doctor degree of Aamir Liaquat is fake. He came to work as an actor but he got the work of an Aalim and host”.

Mani and Ayesha Khan Controversy

ayesha khan and hira mani

Once Mani and his wife Hira used to host a morning show on Hum Tv. Ayesha Khan was invited to the show. Mani openly said that Mohib Mirza and Fahad Mustafa have taken skin whitening injections.

He also asked Ayesha Khan about her botox injections. On this Ayesha Khan left the show.

So these are the stories of Famous Pakistani Celebrities And Their Serious Fights With Each Other. Keep visiting for more latest and juicy gossips.

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