Is Veena Malik Becoming Religious

Veena Malik is one of the most controversial and famous actresses of Pakistan and of course bollywood. We all know how well (sorry) this lady has been doing to be in media and news all the time. She got married a few years back and after getting married, Veena Malik said a permanent/temporary good bye to her professional life.

Veena Malik, much talked about

Yes, it is true that Veena Malik has always given us reasons to talk about her. Whether it is her onscreen relationship with Ashmit Patel in Big Boss or her bold and frank acting in bollywood movies, Veena has always been in news.

According to a recent report, it was made clear that Veena and Asad Bashir (her husband) are living good life together. In one of his interviews with media, Asad told that there was absolutely no pressure on Veena Malik from their side to quit her professional life. He said that it was Veena’s decision to not continue working in showbiz industry.

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Veena Malik


Veena Malik becoming religious

Nowadays, Veena is living in Dubai with her family. Yes, she often comes to Pakistan for meeting her fans and a few of media fellows. She told in a recent interview that she is turning to become a religious female. She further said that she has no intention to do any more movies or television series because now her focus is her family especially her baby boy and of course the religious duties.

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Veena Malik

Veena Malik further said that offering prayer is now her priority. She wants to give more and more time to her family. She says that she would always love to remain in the same way as she has now realized that she is no more to work in movies and should give full time to her family and to her religious duties only.

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