Fawad Khan is Danish Taimoor’s 1st Choice

Danish Taimoor is one of the most versatile and amazing actors and fashion models of Pakistan. Talking about Fawad Khan, he is also a great and successful actor and fashion model of not only Pakistan but also bollywood. After giving a bit hit in bollywood, Fawad Khan now remains much busy in further movies. This makes me realize that I can call him one of the busiest actors of Pakistan.

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Fawad Khan

Fawad Khan and Danish Taimoor

Before becoming an actor, Danish Taimoor used to be a model. Same is the situation of Fawad Khan. Danish loves music a lot. I know you remember that he has married to Ayza Khan of Pakistan. This lady is herself a beautiful and successful actress. He loves doing exceptional mimicry especially Humayun Saeed or even host Hasan Shehryar Yasin himself.

Tonite with HSY

The second episode of ‘Tonite with HSY’ featured the famous off-screen couple, Danish Taimoor and Ayza. Both looked cute and adorable at the moment. I must say, Danish’s selection of choosing ayeza as his life partner is not less than dream comes true for such a celebrity. The couple shared the stories of their wedding and love relationship with the host of the show.


At the same moment, Danish was asked about his favorite actor. He named Fawad Khan. Yes, you heard it right, Danish said that Fawad is the most amazing actor he has ever seen.

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Danish Taimoor

Danish further said that he knows how to do his job well. He also said that he has always been inspired from whatever Fawad Khan does. This is a clear indication that Danish is also interested to join bollywood.

Well Danish we cannot say for sure whether you would achieve the same level of success as Fawad Khan in bollywood or not. What I am sure is you may get a chance in a movie soon.

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