Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

No doubt that bridal make up is the only make up type which ensures to make a girl glowing and charming at her wedding. As we all know that wedding is the special time which brings a lot of intentions, new thoughts and dreams for a girl. It comes once in her life so she desires to feel like a princess. A girl with fair and white complexion has no special worries. On the other hand, the girls with dark or blackish skin need to take care of various things especially in case of bridal make up.

Bridal Makeup Tips For Dark Skin

Useful Tips:

Various beauty experts and skin care specialists suggest some tips for the dark skin brides. A few of them which are so far considered to be most applicable and reliable are as follows:

1. A bride with dark skin should not use excessive whitening creams. It is a common observation that the brides try to get rid of dark spots, wrinkles, pimples or dark skin and thus they make use of various chemically made beauty products. These products do nothing but leave damaged and bad skin for you. At the moment when the day of your wedding is coming, you should not do experiments with your skin.

2. What so ever the skin color you have, just make sure that you use light colored make up instead of heavy and dark colors. Most of the brides use oily skin care creams and make up products in winter and dry products in summer. It leads to the serious internal damages onto their skin and then the brides loss the real charm and glow.


3. Do not apply so much foundation or base onto your skin which can lead you to the roughness and increase pimples. Instead, ask your beautician to select the top quality base or foundation and apply it onto your face, neck, arms and hands gently.

4. Sometimes the brides and make up specialists only prefer to use red, pink or pure white colored foundations in order to give a whitening look to the dark skin brides. But this is not the solution of the problem, instead it can increase dryness of your skin and ultimately you would loss your shiny and glowing texture. So why do we take risk? Use light colored foundation and make sure that you choose the same light colored eye shade as well.

5. Don’t use golden or glowing silver color onto your eyes. Being a dark skin lady, you have to select the color of make up which does not let you down before your groom and others. By applying a golden or shiny silver color eye shade, you would loss your charm of being prominent as these colors not at all suit the eyes of dark skin brides.

6. Similarly, use light color lipstick and don’t force your beauty expert to suggest you some dark colors. It would damage your personality.

7. Similar would happen in applying the lip liner. When your beautician is going to apply lip liner make sure it is of light color.

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