4 Lies on Your Makeup Labels

Everyone is found of makeup, but with makeup we also like to take care of our skin and choose makeup which is less damaging, is oil free for oily skin etc. But most of what the makeup companies claim it means nothing. Regardless what they say, makeup is natural etc it never is and i doubt it ever will be, not atleast in the near future. Today we will talk about the 4 lies on your makeup Labels. Lies we believe to be  true and invest our money in them, lies we think are absolutely true and apply that makeup on our skins with full confidence and carry that makeup with over confidence.

4 Lies on Your Makeup Labels

Following are the 4 Lies on Your Makeup Labels.


Oil Free

People who face the problem of acne or oily skin, and adamant about using or wearing only oil free foundation, concealer as they believe that using oil free makeup will not make their acne worse. But the sad part is that despite what the the companies claim to be, having oil free written on the labels of the products is a market trick. And Even some of the dermatologists agree to this.In fact, if you turn over your bottle of oil-free foundation, you may very well find oils on the list of ingredients. Companies substitute synthetic oils for natural versions in order to call the product oil-free — and the irony is that many of the synthetic oils are actually more likely to irritate your skin.


Adding Sun Screen To Makeup

The second lie in our list of 4 lies on you makeup labels is; your makeup has sun screen in it. This is the new trend and almost everyone is going crazy after it. And i have to agree, he or she must be a genius to come up with this kind of idea. But one thing we should know is that there are 2 different kinds of sunscreen ingredients

  • Chemical
  • Physical 

And both of these work in the opposite direction. Physical sunblock acts as a barrier on your skin to reflect UV rays. Meanwhile, chemical ingredients absorb UV rays and create skin-damaging free radicals. But these sunscreens are not that effective, and the doctors suggest that you should apply your own sunscreen.

Nothing Is Natural

Then comes the biggest lie among the 4 lies on your makeup labels. And this lie is NATURAL MAKEUP. The rule which qualifies a makeup to be natural makeup is that it should have 20% natural ingredients in it. And i guess you can imagine what can a 20% do in 80% chemicals. Also, before you plan to buy natural makeup you should think whether this is what you want or you are simply buying it because its natural.Some times natural ingredients can have an adverse effect.

Anti-Aging Ingredients Doesn’t Really Work

The last in our list of 4 lies on you makeup labels is that the product is best for anti-aging ingredients.Many makeup products are now calling out skin care benefits — like anti-aging and anti-acne — on their packaging. Unfortunately, smoothing wrinkles isn’t as simple as adding a fine-line-fighting ingredient to a concealer. So, be wise before you believe all the lies your makeup labels are saying.

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