Latest hairstyles of 2011 for girls

You must be wondering about the latest hairstyles for the new year 2011. Well you don’t have to think too much as here you can gain the perfect knowledge for the latest hairdos and hair styling for young girls as well as ladies of Pakistan.

Latest hairstyle trends

This year mainly what kind of hair cuts are really in are layers with side bangs. This is an eternal hair cut that never goes out of fashion. Side bangs and fringes are really in and they compliment the hair cut as well. Other than layers, fusion cuts are really going well with bangs. Ladies are preferring more short hair cuts this year. Long hair are not yet out of fashion. Any hairstyle that you wear is very in nowadays.

Layered cut with bangs

Layered hair with curls


What kinds of hairdos to where?

Straight hair with layers and bangs is another look that can never go out of fashion. Curly hair are really really in. Nowadays there are a lot of  hair up dos that are going pretty well. Hair buns, braided buns are all very much in fashion. Loose braids, high ponytails and pompadour are the latest hairstyles this year. You can wear up dos in weddings or any special occasion like Eid in Pakistan or even birthdays. Hair accessories are very in like hair clips, hair bows, flowers and head bands.


Hair bun with accessory



Hair dos with flowers and

hair bands


How to choose a hairstyle for yourself?

If you are confused which hair styles to go with then here is your solution. Whatever style you choose to wear depends upon your face structure. If you have a slim face then go for straight hair or even curly and wavy summer hair. Hair buns will really suit your face so go for formal or messy up dos for weddings or parties. Messy styles are really in so you don’t really have to be perfect with your hair. If you have rather a bigger face then don’t go for straight styles but go for big curls to make your face look thinner. Try to make bouffants and pompadour which is going to suit your face a lot.

You must have found your answers. Scroll down for more pictures.

Curly hair bun with side bangs


Formal up do for weddings.


Trendy short hair cuts


Curly hairstyle with fringes


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