Advantages Of Heena For Your Hair

Henna has many advantages. You can turn your hands beautiful but applying it in different designs. You can also apply it on your hair. We have been hearing this from our elders that Henna is very useful for your hair. It not only hides the grey hair, but also make your hair silk, smooth and soft. In today’s beauty article we will tell you about different benefits of Heena for your hair. 

Advantages Of Heena For Hair

Following are some of the advantages of Heena For your Hair

Healthy Hair

The first advantage among the Advantages of heena for your hair is that it makes your hair healthy. If you apply heena twice a month it will add volume and gloss to your hair. It will also help in bringing your lost hair. and repairs the damaged locks. Steep henna for two hours in amla-brewed water and apply on hair including scalp to get the best results.

Conditions Hair

The second advantage among advantages of heena for your hair is; it conditions your hair. It covers each hair shaft and build a protective layer that safeguards the strands from the damage. This herbal hair pack adds a natural shine and gloss to your mane and makes them two times stronger.


Covers Greys

It also covers grey hair. If you have grey hair heena will cover that up but the incentive with heena is that it will not damage your hair like other hair colors. Heena does not contain amino acid or any other sort of chemical which damage your hair.  Strain the water and add in henna to make a thick paste. Leave overnight or for at least two hours and apply on hair.apply on hair.

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