Common Skin Problems And Their Solutions In Summer Season

We all know that summer is all about the heat and excessive sun burn that can affect the skin on greater level. There are many kinds of skin problems and each one of the problem has its own cause of arrival and remedy. Treating the skin problems is not at all complicated thing but treating it at the right time is one of the necessary things.

Common Skin Problems And Their Solutions In Summer Season

Common Skin Problems And Their Solutions In Summer Season

Moving ahead below are few of the most common skin problems that take place in the summer season. Apart from it we will be explaining out its main solutions and home remedies as well.

1. Sun Tan And Sun Burns:

This skin problem can just take place because of the harmful UV rays attacking on the skin cells in the summer season. It can even lead to the skin at the height of redness and inflammation.

How to Cure Sun Tan And Sun Burns?

If you are moving outside from 10am till 4 pm then you should be covering your face with some hat of scarf. You can even make the use of waterproof sunscreen lotion with at least SPF 30 or more. If you start finding redness over the skin then you can take a shower or an oatmeal bath. For removing away the skin damage go for the cooling after sun face gel.


2. Mosquito Bites:

In summer seasons mosquito bites are one of the most common things. Its bite can give rise to the unsightly and itchy red welts on top of our skin.

How To Cure Mosquito Bites:

At the time of sleep or as soon as the sun set you should be applying children safe insect repellent. You should be clearing your house from all kinds of dirty water. If you find some itching on the bitten areas then make the use of cooling ice cube over it. You can even apply few drops of lavender oil over the bitten areas.

3. Prickly Heat:

Prickly heat can take place just because of the heat coming from the sun. It can allow the skin to start facing the dirt and other impurities. In addition it will give rise to the pimple and skin rashes as well.

How to Cure Prickly Heat?

For the sake of curing the prickly heat from skin you should be wearing some loose and comfortable cotton clothes so that it can keep the skin all away from the sweat. You should keep your skin away from the lotions that are blocking the pores. Make the use of talcum powder

4. Summer Acne:

Summer acne can just take place because of sweating and clogged pores. It can even lead to the appearance of summer acne breakouts.

How To Cure Summer Acne?

You should keep your skin all away from the oiliness. Make the choice of clean and clear oil control face wash so that they can keep the skin all away from the grime and excess oils. Make the use of cleansing, toning and moisturizing on daily basis. Choose alcohol-free toner.

So if you think that skin problems attack you most in the summer season then start treating them right now before they take the horrible shape of redness and inflammation!

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