Your Beauty Needs More Than Cosmetics And Lotions

It is every woman’s dream and desire to look best to the extent that no one else can reach to her comparison. Exclusivity is something that every woman aims for and fights forbecause it is always worth fighting for the uniqueness. But the question to ponder upon is that are all the cosmetics and lotions that we use are enough to make us look fresh, beautiful, glowing and conserve our youthfulness or do we need more to maintain all the above traits. As it is said “beauty comes from inside”. It is not always necessary that application of all the beauty agents can make you look magnificent only. If you are not happy, satisfied and confident about yourself and looks; no cosmetic can do magic. At the end of the day no matter what you apply, you will not have that glow. Here are few tips to make you look good and feel good about yourself:

1. Start your day with an exercise: Everyone knows how important doing exercise is but still we don’t do it. Make up a regular exercise schedule to start your day. Spend 15 minutes of your day in exercises that doesn’t push you and that you enjoy. Doing exercise early in the morning will make you feel relaxed and it will put you in a happy and positive mind frame.

2. Say YES! To Breakfast: Skipping breakfast is a beauty crime. It is the very important meal time and yet we skip it. A good and healthy breakfast will revive you after a workout session and it will help you in spending a constructive day.


3. Drinking water: Take balanced diet during whole day and drink lots of water. Water is known as a cleansing agent for the body system and skin. Instead of going for teas, coffees, soft drinks and energy drinks opt for the water as it not only cleans your skin over the time but also gives you energy without adding extra calories.


4. Enjoy your life and live it to fullest: Bad things happen, we make mistakes, no one is perfect but that doesn’t mean that we give a room to stress to get over to us. We have got this life for one time and it’s a blessing, we should not ruin our whole day. Be happy, enjoy your life. It will keep you glowing.

5. Good night’s Nap: When the day is over, put your all worries behind, think about tomorrow’s morning that will bring the new hopes, opportunities and a new life. Take a good and relaxed sleep it refreshes not your mind but also  your skin.


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