Beware of such Worst foods which can cause cancer !

1_ Refined and Sugary foods.

We all know that foods with refined sugars and fructose like corn syrup may lead to many health issues. So these foods raise level of insuline thus activate the cancerous cells. American Society for Clinical Nutrition journal said that people who ate a lot of sugary items have more risk of pancreatic cancer. So limit these foods and opt more for honey, stevia etc.

Basicly it includes all junk food .

2_ Red processed meats

Many harmful additives are in this meat ; ham , sausages etc. Although these meats have loads of salt. Nutritionist said that meats like these can cause colorectal cancer.

3_ Hydrogenated oils

These oils changed to poisons when processed. They are from veggies to make shelf life longer. They have omega 6 acida and trans fats too. Even a bit of omega acid is healthy but too much quantity can damage cells and their health. It raise chances of skin cancer. Whereas trans fats can cause colorectal, breast and prostate cancer. Replace them with palm , coconut and olive oil.

4_Microwave popcorn

There is a chemical perflurooctanoic in these bags for popcorn. This is a bad toxin. Many studies said that is harmful and people who had PFOA exposure have more chances of kidney and bladder cancer. Other studies for this said that chemical causes female infertility.



5_ Farmed Salmon

Wild and farmed salmon are different a lot. Unlike the farmed one , the wild one is healthy and beneficial. As farmed salmons increases risks of cancer. Science magazine made a study where was said that too much salmon chemicals cause cancers. Some such items are Mercury, Toxaphene, dioxins, flame retardants etc. Atleast see the labels of salmons and remember that farmed one is cheaper.

Here you can easily see a difference between farmed and wild salmon ;

6_ Potato Chips

These chips are really made with high heat and this creats acrylamide carcinogen. International Journal of cancer has said these potato chips have an item that triggers ovary, prostate , breast, and digestive cancers. We all know that these chips have loads of fats , calories , salts and this cause obesity, hypertension amd high cholestrol. Make your own chips with olive oil and good organic potatoes.

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