What to avoid for taking care of skin?

Taking care of one’s skin has become difficult these days. It has a lot of things to check and balance on. The pollution, sunrays and other environmental factors leave drastic effects on our skin. Those who don’t get sufficient time to take care of their skin must keep in mind to avoid the following things in order to enjoy a refreshing experience.

1. Foundation:

A foundation can prove to be harmful for your skin. The women usually are observed to be addict of using the make ups and heavy dark colored foundations. No doubt these chemical oriented products can enhance the external look of their skin but unfortunately they damage the skin internally too much. One should keep in mind that the excessive use of foundation and make up items can lead him face serious skin problems.

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2. Whitening Creams:

The trend to look fair complexioned has been tremendously increased these days. Our people especially the ladies want to have white looking skin. For this purpose, they use ordinary and low quality whitening creams. All these products ensure to leave a whitening effect onto your skin. But when we talk about the real complexion and skin care, then these products are good for nothing.

3. Liquid Eye Liners:

Are you using liquid eye liner? If so then don’t use it. The beauty experts have viewed that these eye liners are made up of chemical and artificial liquids which can damage the real natural look of your eyes. It temporarily can give you a good look, but to be honest these eye liners are rejected by beauty experts due to their harmful effects.

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