How to use an EPILATOR To Remove Hair

Hair on ladies skin is a big problem for them. Ladies use different techniques like threading, waxing, epilating etc. Epilating is a quiet new and faster technology than other older techniques. It becomes very easy and simple to get rid off hair on your skin in less time. But there are some issues related to its usage. When you use epilator there become bumps and rashes on your skin and one main issue is that roots of the hair are not erridicated by epilator.
To prevent these problems do not use any cream or lotion on your body immiediately after using epilator. As while you were removing the hair there become small cuts and injuries on your skin, which are not visible but become chronic and get infected when you apply any lotion on it. By the use of epilator your hair become weak and the rate of their growth will also become less. You can use good quality shower gell after an hour to sooth your body.

epilator 001

cuts on skin



bumps on skin

before using epilator

avoid these lotions after using epilator


after using epilator

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