Benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Since a long olive trees are considered to be beneficial in treating various health problems. With the advancement in science and technology, the experts have now proved that olive is greatly impactful for our skin and hair. This is simply a gift of God which is delighted to make us feel prominent before others. The various benefits of olive on skin and hair are described in following points.

Good for eyes:

Olive is good for eyes. A woman who is conscious to keep her eyes healthy and good looking should give a try to olive. I am sure she would find serious positive results.

Benefits of olive oil for skin and hair

Beneficial for skin:

Olive is used in various skin care creams. It acts as a good skin moisturizer and nourisher. It provides essential nutrients to our skin so that the internal skin cells are kept healthy, resulting a glowing and fair skin for us.


Good for hairs:

Olive keeps our hair strong and stops hair fall. While applying olive oil to hair, keep in mind to thoroughly spread it to all parts of your hair so that it can get absorbed into hair and make them strong. These days our women are using a lot of skin care creams and treatments with an urge to keep their skin glowing and younger looking. But olive oil is the natural skin care treatment we can try to give nutrition to our skin.

Used as a skin polisher:

Olive is also used in various skin polishers and masks. Due to its immensely excellent properties, the skin expert refers the women to use it as a skin mask. The method of applying it onto your skin is by mixing it with lemon juice and milk, applying the mixture thoroughly onto your face and hands and let it work for a ten to twenty minutes. I assure you that this mask would let you enjoy a healthy and pimples free skin.

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