Sunscreen Products for Sun Protection This Summer

Sunscreen can protect you from a lot of issues related to skin whether it is acne, dryness, pigmentation, or even aging. Choose a sunscreen carefully that can better solve your skin problem. Never forget to apply sunscreen product on face, hands, feet and other areas which can face sun directly before you go out. It will protect you from the harmful radiations coming from sun. UVA and UVB sun rays are dangerous to skin. Choose a sunscreen with high SPF that is capable of protecting you from harmful radiations.

You can find a lot of sunscreen lotions, creams and other products available in market around you. But how to choose a perfect product that suits your skin is a real trick. You need to understand your skin type, your skin issues, product function, market availability and you’re your skin demands before you choose a sunscreen for your daily use. Let’s have a look at the latest sunscreen products available in market for Pakistani ladies that are perfect for their skin type for summer 2017.

Olay Complete SPF 15 Sunscreen

This sunscreen provides weightless and long lasting (i.e.48 hours long) sun protection with moisturizing qualities and is suitable for normal skin types. It comes with broad spectrum SPF 15, vitamin E, B3 and C. It sets your skin surface with antioxidants, keeps your skin oil-free, and non-comedogenic.

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunscreen

If your skin gets acne with sun rays, it’s suitable for you. It provides sun protection for acne-prone skin and has broad spectrum SPF. This liquid lotion has a slight texture but leaves perfect matte finishes enabling the skin breathe as the lotion seems weightless on face. This liquid has no fragrance and provides oil-free and water resistant protection to your skin.



La Roche Posay Anti-Aging Sunscreen

This sunscreen lotion has no fragrance and is best suitable for sensitive skin types. Moreover it is paraben-free and oil-free sunscreen containing SPF 50. It’s not just a sunscreen but also an anti-aging primer with cell-OX shield technology. It saves your skin getting excess oil as it contains micro-reflecting and absorbing powders and makes the skin visibly smooth and perfect.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen

This cucumber scented sunscreen is rich in radical fighting vitamin C and other skin care elements in it which enhances the natural elasticity and maintain the natural moisture of skin. It is suitable for all skin types (normal, oily, sensitive) and tones. It is 40 minutes water resistant and contains mineral active ingredients to keep skin healthy and look fresh.

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum

This liquid product is weightless with anti-aging skin protection, primer and sunscreen at a time. This serum also counteracts the aging signs by repairing the skin cells and protecting them again from same affects for longer, including UV damages. It contains SPF 30 that fulfills your full day skin needs. This light weight serum keeps your skin breathing and is suitable for all skin types and tones equally.

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