Shahid Afridi Loves Cherishing Small Moments With Doll

Shahid Afridi Loves Cherishing Small Moments With Doll. Our Pakistani Cricketer Mr. Shahid Afridi announced that the arrival of 5th daughter into this World. Cricketer create caption took to there Social Media sharing “Good News” with there fans  and also shared pictures of a newly born baby along with his four daughters.

The official Twitter handle of the Lanka Premier League has confirmed that Afridi has returned to Pakistan in order to attend to his ailing daughter, who is currently hospitalized.

Afridi has hoped to join his team once the situation improves back home. However, sources in the team management said owing to the quarantine rules, he is most unlikely to return.

Afridi had taken to his official Twitter account to reveal that he will be heading back home to attend to a personal emergency and will rejoin the team once the issue gets addressed.

A recent video shared by Shahid Afridi on Twitter showed how much he values family time and loves to spend moments with his daughters and wife.

Shahid Afridi Loves Cherishing Small Moments With Doll

The best thing a parent can do for their child is to spend time with them, nurture them and watch them grow, regardless of their gender. Feeling blessed to be spending time with mine through life’s journey, and cherish small moments, just like this, Alhamdulillah #FamilyTime,” the caption read along with the post. 

Shahid Afridi has 5 daughters with whom he spends quality time. However, being a father, he has some future plans for his girls.

In the video, Afridi was seen with his youngest daughter Arwa who was busy listening to the 99 Names of ALLAH, played on the television.

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