Actress Reema Khan husband to treat Umar Sharif in US

Actress Reema Khan husband to treat Umar Sharif in US. Reema Khan is a brilliant Pakistani actress who has ruled the film industry with her stardom and name in nineties . Her famous films are Nikkah , Bulandi , Chor Machaey Shor and Haathi Mera Saathi . Her pairing with Babar Ali was admired a lot by her fans .

Earlier In a recorded message, Umar Sharif had said that he needed treatment abroad therefore he needed to travel abroad. Hence, the 66-year-old requested the PM to facilitate him.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also took notice of his appeal and directive PMO to bear the expenses of Umar Sharif’s treatment.

Actress Reema Khan husband to treat Umar Sharif in US

Reema and Imran Abbass are doing a Raamzan Transmission for channel Aaj name Baran-E-Rehmat” – Which is  Pakistan’s Biggest Ever Ramadan Transmission to air Live from Pakistan and Turkey, Bringing big stars Reema Khan, Imran Abbas Naqvi, and Farhan Ali Waris And Exclusive Interviews with Ertugrul Cast on one screen. One word for our beautiful host of Baran-e-Rehmat @iamreemakhan.

Pakistani film actress Reema Khan has received a shot of coronavirus vaccine in the United States, where she is residing with her husband, a cardiologist, for several years now.

Actress Reema Khan husband to treat Umar Sharif in US

A week ago, gorgeous actress Reema Khan had highlighted her husband Dr Syed Tariq’s work and said she was proud of her husband for taking care of Afghan refugees. Reema shared a photo of her husband in the cockpit of the plane with the US aviation officials on Instagram and hailed him.

Reema Khan wrote, “My husband – Dr Syed Tariq Shahab, is on his way to Doha, Qatar with Team-USA, to help and take care of the Afghan refugees. I am very proud of him for his dedication, hard work and sacrifice. And I pray to Allah that he has a very safe and successful trip, Ameen.”

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