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When we talk about the fashion world and the television world of Pakistan, one name that is bound to come to everyone’s mind is Samiya Mumtaz. Samiya is now considered to be one of the leading actress of Pakistani Television industry and also a very important figure in Fashion world of Pakistan. Because of her good looks and elegance she is a well sorted after model and actress. Almost every one is the industry praise her. Directors and producers like to work with her because of her innate talent for acting and the practical way she handles things and make her character’s spin to life due to her acting skills.


Personal Life of Samia Mumtaz

Samis Mumtaz was born in the city of lights i.e. Karachi in the year 1970. Even though she is considered to be one of the leading actress and model of Pakistan industry, she is also a gardener, farmer or whatever you can call a person who invests in organic plants. It more of a hobby for her and a way to pass her time in peace. She says,

In the course of this busy life, this hobby of mien gives me a peace of mind and some ever wanted lonely time. 

Despite being a successful actress and fashion model Samiya is the only one from her family who are a part of Pakistani fashion and television industry at-least from her parents and her generation. Though some of her ancestors were a part of Pakistani television and fashion industry.Her grand parents were  Uzra Butt who was a veteran actress and Zohra Sehgal. Her father’s name is Kamil Khan Mumtaz and her mother’s name is Khawer Mumtaz. Samiya considered her self to be a very devoted wife and mother. She was asked during an interview What is her best time pass ? She said

There are two things i love to do one of which is spending time in my organic garden, and second which i enjoy more is to spend my time with my beloved husband and my cherished children. 

Samiya presently is enjoying a happily married life. And the status of a blessed and proud mother. She has two children naming Hatim and Niwal.


Career Life Of Samiya Mumtaz

Even though she made her first debut at a late age, she was almost 25 which is late for the present models and actress because they come to fashion world usually during their teens for early 2o’s, but Samiya has given everyone of the upcoming talent a difficult time. Due to her extraordinary acting skills she has won the hearts of many people.She first appeared in Shahid Nadeem’s directed drama serial “Zard Dopehar” (The Yellow Noon) aired on PTV in 1995. She is also notable for her recent performance in drama serials like Yariyan and Maaye Ni. She also started off as a theater personality and then moved to television. She is praised for her lead role in Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan, which is claimed to be the most successful drama serial. Presently she has been working in one of my favorite drama “Teri Rah Mein Rul Giy Wah” which was aired on Urdu1. Despite acting, she also enjoys doing modeling and has done a lot of work with some successful and famous designer’s


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