Ayeza Khan looks Stunning In Recent Post

Actress Ayeza Khan always keeps her fans on her Instagram account by uploading beautiful photos one after another. Ayeza Khan mainly works in the Pakistani television industry. She played Shehna for the first time in the TV series “Tum Jo Miley” (2009). Ayeza Khan looks Stunning In Recent Post, The beautiful actress Ayeza Khan starred in TV series and played a supporting role in the sentimental TV series “Tootey Huwey” broadcast by Geographic TV. The success of this TV series made Ayeza Khan top the list. Her extraordinary achievement in the social drama “Pyarey Afzal” was recognized in addition to the Lux Style Award in the “Best Actress” category. On Instagram, the Meharposh star showed off some stunning snapshots in an emerald, green dress.

Ayeza Khan looks Stunning In Recent Post

Her makeup is very good, with a glowing highlighter to enhance facial features. The actress chose to tie her hair in the back bun and wore green glasses to match her overall look.

Previously, the actress shared some gorgeous photos with Maxy, who is in pistachio color, and she absolutely loves it.

The post stole millions of hearts in a short period of time, so it was warmly welcomed by fans. Ayeza also added gorgeous earrings, rings and simple makeup to her look.


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