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Pakistan Ayesha Gilani is the former Miss Pakistan World. She was born on 4th march 1982 in Lahore, Pakistan. The fashion model was crowned on June 27, 2009 at Toronto, Ontario. Since then she is been representing Pakistan in different international pageants. is here with full profile of this fashion model Ayesha Gilani.

Ayesha Gilani is 5 feet 7 inches and is 7th Miss Pakistan World. This female model has majored in English Literature from Washington, DC. Taking a part in beauty pageants and winning it is something very uncommon in countries like Pakistan where conservative people are more than liberals. In such conditions, Ayesha Gilani is the woman who has made Pakistani women very proud. She is bold, confident, and intellectual women. The secret of her success is that this Pakistani fashion model believes in hard work. She believes that our women are very talented and can get whatever they want.

Ayesha Gillani Pictures - Miss Pakistan Ayesha Gilani

Miss Tourism Queen International 2009:

Before winning Miss Pakistan World, Ayesha Gilani participated in Miss Tourism Queen International 2009, world’s fifth largest pageant. Ayesha Gilani won Miss Elegant runner up within the pageant.

Miss Earth 2009:

Then on November 2009, Ayesha Gilani represented Pakistan in third largest pageant i.e. Miss Earth. With her growing popularity and perfect figure, many critics predicted that she will definitely be in top sixteen in pageant. Expectations were very high but unfortunately she could not make it. However she did make it in top fifteen in talent finals with her belly dance performance.

During this pageant, she also got a life time chance of meeting her hero, Pakistan’s former president Parvez Musharraf.

Beauty of the World 2010:

Next year on May 2010, Gilani represented Pakistan in another beauty pageant held in China. This time, this top model was awarded with the title of Beauty of Asia 2010. After she was crowned for the first time, this was her third international beauty pageant. Ayesha Gilani also became the first girl who participated in three international pageants in one year; all under the Pakistan World Company. She completed her one year contract with Miss Pakistan World in August 2012 by winning the beauty of Asia 2010 in China. Thanks to Ayesha Gillian, this was the first ever continental title that Pakistan won.

After winning three beauty titles, Ayesha Gilani’s life got busy. She was considered the first preference of organizers for hosting their events. She also signed some movies and modeling assignments. She believes that all her work will be served as a role model for women all over the world.

On September 2011, Ayesha Gilani was the show stopper for Pakistani designer Rani Emaan, who is launching her fashion designs in fashion industry. This event, Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, is the most prestigious fashion events of world.

Other than that Ayesha Gilani is also a motivational speaker who motivates and guides young ladies in all walks of life. She is also beauty and makeup columnist in Sapna Magazine, and Dive Nee Magazine-both are in US. Ayesha Gilani is also the owner of Limelight Beauty Artistes, focus on weddings and fashion industry.

Ayesha Gilani’s Awards:

Miss Pakistan World 2009 – Canada/Pakistan

* Winner/Queen
** Miss Congeniality 2009

Beauty of Asia 2010 – Beijing, China
* Title winner. First continental win in Pakistan’s history.

Miss Earth Pakistan 2009-Philippines
Third largest pageant in the world.
* Talent top ten.
* “Desenyo Pandi” traditional runway show winner.
* Media favorite; voted top 10 all 3 weeks of pageant. Miss Congeniality runner up
Miss Tourism Queen Pakistan 2009-Shanghai, China Fifth largest pageant in the world.
* Miss Elegant runner up
* Talent semifinalist

Beauty of Pakistan 2010-China
* Titleholder

Miss Globe Pakistan 2010 – Turkey/Cyprus
* Titleholder


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