Pakistani Model and Singer Ali Zafar – Complete Profile

Born on May 18, 1980 Ali Zafar, prince of pop, attended C.A.A. public school. Later he was admitted to Beacon House School System where he completed his matriculation with flying colors. After schooling, Ali Zafar went to Government College, Lahore to complete FA. Ali Zafar is a graduate in painting from National College of Arts. Ali Zafar started his career by working as a portrait artist in one of the five-star hotels of Pakistan i.e. Pearl Continent. Some marketing people caught him there and employed him for modeling campaign. This is when his modeling career started. Later he was also featured in television miniseries like College Jeans. Ali Zafar has also done some music videos, preeto sang by Arar-ul-Haq is one of those. Ali Zafar also used to act sometimes in his college musical theater. To sum up, Ali Zafar first became an actor and top model before coming to music line.


The actor’s and Pakistani model’s first singing break was in a Pakistani movie Shararat directed by none other than Samina Peerzada. Ali Zafar sang jugnuon se bhar le aanchal. Later with the launch of his first album ‘Huqa Pani’, he entered Pakistani Music Industry. Album was highly appreciated and acknowledged by audience and lead to an instant success to Ali Zafar. 600000 copies of this album were sold worldwide. The album also led Ali Zafar to win some major awards and nominations. Another thing that album did for Ali Zafar was that he gained huge fan following not only in Pakistani but also out of Pakistan. It was this album because of which Ali Zafar won Lux Style Awards in 2004. There was also a point in his career when he was continuously compared with late Indian singer Kishore Kumar. But with the hard work, Ali Zafar proved that he has his own style of singing and that he is here to stay for longer period. His true versatility was proved in Coke Studio Sessions when he chose to sing serious and mature songs rather than fun filled songs.

In 2008, this talented singer was given an award of best male artists by MTV awards. Popularity and quality of his work was proved even more when Indian Musicians and composers copied his tunes in bollywood films. In 2006, second album ‘Masty’ was launched. This album had hits like sajania, dekha, aasmaan, and masty. Dekha was another hit of this album shot in Malaysia by Lux Company. One of the other highlighted factors of this song was that it featured three popular ladies of Pakistan i.e. Reema Khan, Meera, and Aaminah Haq. For this song, in 2007 Ali Zafar won youth icon award by Lux Style Awards in Malaysia. Third album ‘jhoom’ was the album where Ali Zafar transformed himself by singing serious and mature songs with high notes.

Ali Zafar also tried his skills in directions. He directed his music videos from Huqa Pani. His song Dekha was the part of a Hollywood film Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. Ali Zafar became the fourth singer whose song became part of an American film.

After singing, he entered in field of acting. His debut film tere bin laden was directed by an Indian director Abhishek Sharma. The film was well received by critics and audience. The film won Ali Zafar another Indian movie, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, under big brand of bollywood i.e. Yashraj Films. The movie also had cast of Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif. Ali Zafar also sang one song for his second movie. For this movie too, Ali Zafar was highly praised. Third movie, London, Paris, New York was again appreciated by audience and critics. In his third movie, he also did composing, lyric sing, , singing.

For all his good work, Ali Zafar recently won Phalke Academy Award in 143rd Dada Saheb Phalke Academy Awards ceremony. This award is one of the prestigious awards of India.

Ali Zafar married hi fiancé Ayesha Fazli on July 28, 2012. On March 7,2010 his wife gave birth to their first son Azaan Zafar.

Today if someone says that Ali Zafar is one of the finest Pakistani fashion models, actors, and singer then it would not be wrong.

Ali Zafar’s Awards:

* Indus Music Awards 2005 – Best Pop Artist.
* Asian Bollywood Music Awards 2005 – Best Pop Music
* Indus Music Awards 2004 – The Best Album [Huqa Pani].
* Indus Music Awards 2004 – The Best Debut Artist.
* Lux Style Awards 2004 – Best Music Album [Huqa Pani].
* Lux Style Awards 2007 – The Youth Icon Award. has summarized Ali Zafar’s acting and singing career below. Have a look:


  • Tere Bin Laden
  • Luv ka The End
  • Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
  • London, Paris, New York
  • Chashme Budoor (release is due)
  • Vettai Remake
  • Tere Bin Ladden 2

Ali Zafar’s Albums:

  • Huqa Pani
  • Masty
  • Jhoom
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