Pakistani Artists United Against Terrorism

Pakistani Artists United‬ Against Terrorism. Yes, they are One against terrorism in Pakistan. They speak up, raised their voices against the bad law and order situation in our country. well these kinds of views are fortunately not rare for us. we have great celebrities who are always witnessed being supportive and well wisher to other fellows.

They share the happiness as well as sorrows. After the tragic death of the Great legend, Qawwal Amjad Sabri, the Pakistani artists community is badly shaken and upset. you must have witnessed many of them bursting into tears on-screen and on live calls and shows too. they proved their solidarity via social media, print media as well as on electronic media. Not only the actors or hosts, but, famous cricketers and other personalities too were touched and saddened by Amjad Sabri shaheed’s death.

And why shouldn’t they? We have after all lost a Great Asset of our country. In regard to this, They have record their protest today.

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On behalf of the Pakistani Artists community, Fakhr-e-Alam said that they are hurt and worried about the future.Fakhr-e-Alam demands security for every artist in Pakistan with Faisal Quraishi, Neelum Muneer, Maria Wasti, Faakhir and other artists. He said that they will now raise their voices against this VIP culture. the government should now take strict action and improve the law and order situation. he further said that Safety precaution and security must now be equally distributed.

By equal distribution he meant that, government should provide the same security measures to the Pakistani artists as they have. he added that now they must be complete vulnerable or completely secured. if the Government fails to provide them security they deserve the Pakistani artists will multiply their protests and wont stay calm. its the high time for the Pakistani Government to take actions against terrorism or we would continue to lose such great legends and assets of our country.

It won’t end on Amjad Sabri, this barbarism will go on if strict steps would not be taken.


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Pakistani Artists Unites‬ Against Terrorism

Pakistani Artists United Against Terrorism:

Listen to what these artists are demanding.

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