Oily Skin Care Tips- Make Your Skin Appear Fresh and Less Oily

There are different skin types including oily, dry and combination. If your skin is shiny, slick, pimply or a combination of these three, then you may have oily skin. Oily skin can be quite a problem. People with this skin type often struggle to keep the excessive oil off their skin and make it appear smoother and less dirty. Moreover, makeup does not last long on this type of skin. Although you cannot change the type of skin you have, there are some oily skin care tips that you can follow to make your skin appear fresh and less oily. Following are some easy oily skin care tips.


Oily Skin Care Tips

  • Do not wash your skin very frequently.  You need to understand that oily skin carethis is not a hygiene problem and so, washing your skin more will not make things better. Moreover, it can worsen things as excessive washing causes your skin to create more oil. Thus, washing your face and skin only twice a day is enough.
  • Wash your face with hot water. This is because hot water dissolves oil more effectively than cold water.
  • Use gentler products on your skin such as those containing glycerin or salicylic acid. Avoid oil based stuff and cleansing milks since they can worsen the problem.
  • Moisturize your skin with an oil-free moisturizer to maintain balanced moisture. Remember that moisturizing is very important for your skin.
  • Exfoliate your skin apart from cleansing and moisturizing in order to remove dead skin cells. This will help your skin breathe and so, it will appear fresher.
  • Remove all makeup before going to bed. However, avoid cold creams or lotions as they can make your skin oilier.
  • Do not use talcum powder on your face if you have oily skin. It can get accumulated in the pores and lead to acne.
  • Allow your skin to breathe at night. For this, avoid applying any cream or moisturizer before going to bed. Wash your face with water instead.
  • Doctors have found that excessive iodine consumption increases oiliness of the skin. Thus, you should reduce your intake of iodine if you are having lots of it. Foods that contain iodine include fish and iodized salt. Some experts also advise people with oily skin to cut down on oily and fatty foods to make their skin less oily.
  • Ask your doctor for some medicines that decrease oil production. They will be able to prescribe the best medicine for the purpose.

If you follow these oily skin care tips, you should be able to reduce some oiliness of your skin and make it appear fresher. In addition to this, there are many home remedies for oily skin that you can try out as well.

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