7 Days to Healthier Skin

Skin is a very vital part of human body. It not only define’s your internal health but it also tell you about the external beauty. Having beautiful and health skin is every girls dream. Though there are many ways to make your skin glow but the most important of them is to make your inner self healthy. If you body in internally health your skin will automatically get better. And in today’s beauty article we will tell you about the 7 days to healthier skin.

7 Days to Healthier Skin

Healthy Skin


Reconsider your cleanser and body wash. If you’ve been using the same harsh face wash since your teens, it’s probably not doing you any favors. In-fact its causing your more damage than it is helping. So, the first thing you should do it that you have to change your cleanser to something gentle. Also, Opt for a basic, moisturizing body wash, as well. It should leave your skin feeling soft.


You need to start exfoliating daily. Now that you’ve decided on a face and body wash, learn new ways to use them. We suggests cleansing daily with an oscillating brush to gently exfoliate your skin. You can either lather your face and then use the brush, or apply the product directly to the brush head. The brush will automatically shut off after two minutes.



Rather then taking bath with hot water, which really has a bad impact not only on your hair but also your skin you should cool down your shower. Hot water makes your skin dry, and dehydrated. It also makes your skin dark, so in case you are among those Pakistani women who have the fair complexion complex—- hot shower is not for you !!!


You need to take care of your diet. This is a very important thing when it comes to your skin. Your Skin will be look healthy only when your internal is healthy. So, make sure your eat, but what you eat is right.


Even though you’re now exfoliating every day, you should choose one day a week to do a deeper exfoliating treatment. We recommends using either a face scrub or a pad with some sort of acid like glycolic or alpha hydroxy. Not only will exfoliating remove dry, dead skin cells, it will also help your skin absorb anti-aging and moisturizing products better.


You need to upgrade your sunscreen if you are still having problems with your skin. But incase your problems have ceased you need not to upgrade i.e. change your sunscreen.


Since it is a holiday and you have ample time in the world to do as your please, we suggest that you do a mask peel off. 

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