Nail and hand care beauty techniques

A women has to take care of her self in order to look good and refreshing, by the passage of time a women health deteriorates and so does her skin, she has to take extra ordinary care of them so that they look good.

There are certain things that girls should note at a younger age and are beauty essentials for  hand care. If all these things are taken care off at a younger age then there wont be much trouble in the older age. It is not necessary that only a companys product can cure the damage to hands, natural herbal methods can also help in generating your body molecules and making them look fresh.

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Nail and hand care beauty techniques at


Here is what the girls should do: Donot grow your nails at a youngeer age this would make them sensitive due to that they world brake which can be of great pain to all the girls. Make sure you wash your hands with a hand wash and not a soap because soap leaves your skin dry which can later o increase wrinkles. Always apply a hand lotion(be sure the hand lotion you are applying is of your skin type or you might get allergic to it ).

Cut garlic and apply it to your nails directly it will help them go strong. Do not apply alot of nail colour as it stops  the sun rays from entering your skin which will make them go yellow. Always use a cleaned nail cutter as it may be a cause of germs, donot use some one elses cuticle remover or nail cutter.

For better hand tone: cut a lemon in to half and apply it directly to your hands to clean it, this will brighten your hand tone and give thjem a fresh look.Donot wash dishes or clothes with bear hands as all of them contains acids which can destroy your hands skin

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