Most Useful Home Remedies for Burn Relief

Burn is an injury of skin that is caused because of allergy, heat, radiations, electricity or some kind of chemical and others. This is likely to damage your skin fully and can make you suffer for a long. The burns can leave impact on the outer skin seriously, and can lead you to suffer from extreme pain. Here are some most useful home remedies for burn relief.


You can apply honey that should have come in raw form directly on the damaged part of your skin. This would prevent from too much pain and contains antiseptic properties.

Aloe Vera Gel

The soothing and rejuvenating properties of aloe vera gel are highly beneficial to cool down the razor burns and sun burns. You can bring home aloe vera gel and apply it to your skin. Its direct application is mandatory because it has great healing and smoothing effects.

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Useful Home Remedies for Burn Relief


Diluted Vinegar

Feel free to cover the burned part of the skin with a cloth, and soak in diluted vinegar. This would, trust me, give you long lasting great impacts. It can greatly heal and soothe the burns and makes you feel relief in no time.

Diluted Lavender Oil

The combination of lavender oil, aloe vera oil, vitamin C, and vitamin E is good for your skin and can prevent from pain of burns. You can prepare this mixture at home easily. Apply it to the part of the skin that has been damaged to have relief in shorter time frame.

Egg Whites

Yes, the egg whites are also very effective to relief from the major and minor burns. These can be extracted out easily at home. You can apply it to the burned part of the skin. This would provide you instant relief.

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Useful Home Remedies for Burn Relief

Tea Bags

The tannic acid is present in tea. This draws out heat from the burned portion of the body. You can put 2-3 teabags in cold water and dip your body part in it gently. Let it be there for a couple of minutes to have effective results.

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