How to make your hands softer?

Expensive creams can damage your skin and can have many side effects. If you wish to save your skin from damaging then make your own hands scrub at home for making your hands softer. This scrub will remove all your dead cells and will make your hand softer than ever. You can also use it on your feet for soft and good smelling skin.

Homemade Sugar and olive oil hand scrub:-

It is very easy to make your hands softer by using this scrub. Method of making this scrub is very simple.


  • Mix half a cup of sugar, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, and 3 tablespoons of water in a bowl or other container and blend it. There should be no lumps left.Mixture of sugar, olive oil and water
  • To this mixture, add few drops of your favourite scent or perfume and stir it well.Drops of scent in mixture
  • Apply the fantastic mixture to your hands and rub in a circular motion. Rub until you feel your hands softer or until the sugar dissolves. Do not rub any further if your hands start to hurt or burn (don’t worry, this is not an allergic reaction to any of the materials, but instead occurs from rubbing the grains of sugar).Scrub on hands


  • Wash your hands with water so that all grains of sugar are removed.Rinse scrub
  • Towel dry and apply moisturizing lotion.Towel dry hands

Now you feel your hands softer. This is an ideal homemade scrub for hands without any side effect.

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