DIY How to Make Real Rose Water at Home

The aroma of a rose is a magic. Since ages, Rose water is considered as the natural toner and very popular among the herbal arsenal. The market readymade versions of the rose water are very expensive. also, the credibility cannot be guaranteed. learn how to make real rose water at home. Rose water was initially introduced by chemists in the Islamic Golden Age as a perfume and beverage. but then due to its magical results became popular for a number of uses.

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the most common uses include as a toner or body spray. it was also considered beneficial for the skin. It’s natural fragrance and moisturizing properties make it especially refreshing. other than skincare uses, it was used for ayurvedic and homeo purposes too.

with the rise in demand of rose water, people started to make real rose water themselves. there may be many different methods of how to make real rose water at home, but, i will entertain my readers with the only authentic and an easy way to make the real rose water.

How to Make Real Rose Water at Home:

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well, the procedure may seem lengthy, but it is not hard. simply follow the steps.


  • Start by plucking the petals from the fresh roses. Remember, the results will be much better with the fresher ones.
  • now, wash the petals and put them in a large cooking pot. cover the petals with distilled water.
  • Cover with a lid and let simmer until the petals lose their color. it should be on low heat.
  • when the petals change their color, you will notice water changes color too.
  • next, in a clean jar or spray bottle transfer the solution, draining the rose petals.
  • your very own fresh and pure rose water is ready to use.
  • to keep it fresh, store in a cool place preferably refrigerate.

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