Model Nadia Malik

One thing that we have in abundance is Talent in almost every field. And one such field is our fashion and television world. These two fields are overwhelmed with talent and aptness. Our models and actresses are equal in talent, beauty and grace to any international actress. The only edge international media has over has us the budget, but if are actress and models have to face this budget constraint; they cope up with their beauty and talent. Our models are not recognized nationwide but also internationally. And one such model is Nadia MAlik. This young talent has made all of us Pakistani’s proud not only nationally but also internationally. Because her of innate and in born talent she is considered to be one of the leading model of Pakistani fashion industry. Model Nadia Malik came to the glamourous world of fashion due to her passion for acting. And this passion for acting has made her a very successful model today.


Personal Life of Nadia Malik

Nadia Malik has a very friendly personality. She is considered to be one of the most easy and outgoing person. Model Nadia Malik is one of those models who are well liked by almost everyone in the industry. She is considered to be the most humble and down to earth person. It is said that Model Nadia Malik is very understanding towards her co-workers. Nadia has recently got married.

Professional Life of Nadia Malik

She emerged as one of the greatest idiosyncratic talents of today’s Pakistani industry. She started her career as a model almost 4 to 5 years back and in this short time, she has been able to make her place in the fashion industry. Also, she has made a difference not only nationwide but also internationally. Her fan lives around the globe. During an interview when she was asked that Why did you choose modeling as a profession? She said

I love being a model and I am lucky in the sense that my mother is extremely supportive. At times, my father does get embarrassed when my photographs are pointed out to him but he seems to be reconciled to this situation pretty well.

 Model Nadia Malik is considered to be one of the perfectionists when showcasing herself for western clothes come into question. There is no model who can handle western clothes better than her. She is not only known for her modeling abilities but is also famous because of her enthralling beauty and enigmatic personality.  Because of these factors she is one of the most sorted after model. Almost every designer wants to work with her. To the present date she has worked with numerous designers some of which are considered to be the giants of fashion world such as Sublime Kamiar Rokni and Nadia Mistry. Besides doing various photoshoots, she has also done many fashion shows, where she was not only a model but in some was the show stopper. It is said that one major reason behind her being a successful model of eastern clothes is her height.



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