Fouzia Aman Model

Fouzia Aman is counted among the leading models of Pakistan Fashion world. Because of her innate talent for modeling she has become one of the most sorted after model. She has a passion for modeling, and this passion of her is the main reason behind her success. She is known for her enthusiasm and hard work. She not only plans to become the leading model but also  plans to reach the stars which reflects the enthusiastic and passionate side of her.She enjoys sharp and alluring facial features that makes her stand out of the crowd. In this article we will be talking about the personal life of Fouzia Aman, and will also throw some light of her professional life as a successful model.

Personal Life Of Fouzia Aman Model

Fouzia Aman Model

Fouzia Aman was born in Karachi. She is considered to be among those models who have a sense of responsibility and a soft heart. She is liked by almost everyone in the industry. Her hobbies are to listen to music. She is also very ambitious. During an interview when she was asked How ambitious are you ? She said

 I am very ambitious in a way that I don’t like to get a feeling of stagnancy. I feel one has no goal in life if there is no ambition as ambition helps one succeed. Also, I am a very focused person. I tend to always give my best with whatever it is that I’m doing. Be it photoshoots, or ramp walk, or a commercial. So if that’s being ambitious, then yes I definitely am. 

As she is liked by the people of this industry, similar she has likes many of them. During an interview when she was asked;Who is your favourite fashion designer amongst all that you’ve worn and pulled off?

Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli, Versace, Balenciaga and Birkin . 

Professional Life Of Fouzia Aman Model

She started her career eight years back and is now considered to be one the leading models of Pakistan Fashion world. She has showcased her self for some very famous designers such as HSY,Sana Safinaz etc. During an interview when she was asked: Are you satisfied with where you are as a professional in the modelling industry or are there some things still left that you want to achieve? she said

One can never be too satisfied, can he? Indeed, I am really proud and happy with all my achievements so far in the modelling industry. I have worked my way to the top and it’s overwhelming with all the respect and appreciation that I’ve gained on the way. Let’s see what life has to offer ahead. I started my career almost eight years back, and it feels great to be still in action. 


Then she was asked: Do you feel more comfortable in Eastern attire or Western clothing?

Both, I think. I love carrying both Eastern and Western apparel, be it jeans or a top, a saree or shalwar kameez, angrakhas or skirts, it is always fun getting dressed up. And I don’t think it is just me. Every girl who has a nice slender body loves getting dressed up and experimenting with the latest fashion and styles. Also, it is like doing what the Romans do. When I am abroad somewhere, I would dress up casually in jeans and a sweat shirt or nice comfortable dress, and if I’m in Asia somewhere, it’s always having fun with the desi attire.

When she was asked to highlight the memorable moments of her career she said:

 My work is a daily experience that I have been living for the past eight years. I have done many shoots, shows, commercials and fortunately for me, all throughout my career I had been in a learning process and had a ball with everything. So I cannot really pick and choose any one such happening in my life.

And lastly she was asked to give a message to the readers and she said

 Believe in yourself and have faith in your abilities. Stay humble but reasonably confidence in your own abilities.


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