Maria B’s husband arrested for sending corona positive cook back home

After intense scrutiny and rightful bashing on social media, Maria and Tahir sat down to post a lengthy clarification of the event, which in Tahir’s words, “is pure panic, especially at a time when the Prime Minister is urging people to not panic.”

Late Tuesday evening, Maria posted a video of herself crying in a particularly lavish room because of a ‘police encounter’ in the middle of the night. As sources came forward to testify, it was revealed that she and her husband Tahir Saeed had actually been criminally negligent in containing the spread of coronavirus by exposing their COVID-19 positive cook to the general public.

Suppose we were to test positive for COVID-19 which we haven’t – we both tested negative – are we criminals for it?” said Maria, holding up a copy of her husband’s lab reports as proof.



“My cook went to Vehari at a time when the pandemic had not hit Punjab and he came back on March 11. Around March 18, he complained of some symptoms, so I got Chughtai Lab to come over and run a test for him which came positive,” Maria relayed.

Here’s where the story takes an unusual turn. “Since we had no other guidance, we did what we thought was best. We asked him to quarantine with another family in the servant quarters,” Maria admitted in her own words.

She went on to say that the cook then pointed out how that other family was exposed to him so he might as well quarantine back home. “Without any government directive, what do you think we could’ve done? Keep him locked with us?” she questioned.

The two then defended their decision of letting him travel all the way back to his village. “We gave him proper directives, asking him to not travel in public transport. We even gave him extra money for that. He was to travel with his brother. We also made sure he had a spare room he could quarantine in,” they said.

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