Waqar Zaka Gives Apologizing Statements for His Contestants Who Faced His Anger In his Show

Waqar Zaka is very notable for his unscripted TV drama ‘Living On the Edge’ that he facilitated for a decent measure of time. The show turned out to be exceptionally renowned and was a piece of a discussion between numerous youngsters when a few people scrutinized the fact of the show.

Broiling was a piece of the configuration of the show however Waqar additionally screamed at hopefuls and got down on them about their own defects. The great piece of the story is that Waqar has understood his disposition towards his hopefuls and has approached Allah Al-Mighty for pardoning for being excessively cruel with his challengers.

He made a post on Facebook saying:

“Allah, it would be ideal if you pardon me for posting content which was crushing youthful personalities, I feel downright terrible for being brutal in Living on the edge, I trust every one of the contenders who confronted my indignation will likewise excuse me. Allah, if it’s not too much trouble help me in making content which will for all intents and purposes help individuals out of luck.”


He has additionally discussed pushing the Government to refresh science Subjects in the schools. Waqar wishes that Pakistan turns into the following space control and may Allah help him dispatch ‘Tehrek-e-Tech’ with the goal that each pakistani turns into a piece of this dispatch.

We acknowledge Waqar for acknowledging what the correct way is and approaching Allah for pardoning for his discourteousness towards his challengers. Waqar’s fans have likewise valued this demonstration and have applauded him for working superbly.

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