Makeup Tips For A Natural Look

Gone are the days when women wore too much of make up, now is the time to wear minimal makeup and with the lightest and most natural shades. Specially for day time, this look is just perfect.

To know how to achieve a neutral look, read along.

Makeup Tips For Natural Look - Makeup

The Face: Remember, you have to achieve a very natural look so you will have to go light on makeup. To start off, apply some moisturizer on your face and neck and then use a primer and blend it nicely to cover the imperfection on your skin. Next, sweep loose mineral powder with a brush on your entire face to achieve a flawless look. For contouring, use a foundation darker than you original shade. Use a concealer and blend it under your eyes to hide dark circles. Apply and rosy blush on the apples of your cheeks. For sculpting, use a shimmer on the temples and down the nose.

 Natural Makeup 004


The eyes: For eyes, you have to use neutral shades like beige, creams, browns or any other nude shades, dab it on your eyelids and blend. They apply mascara on your lashes and you are done with you natural eye makeup.


 natural eye makeup 001

The Lips: For the lips, you should go for nude colors like more of peaches, light browns, skin colors and just dabbing a lip balm will do just as well.

 Nude Lip color 004


This a very quick and easy way to achieve a nautral look!

 Make up for a natural look 006


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