Interesting And Unknown Facts About Eyelashes

Well there is no doubt about the fact that each single woman do have the wish around to get the large and yet beautiful looking eyelashes. For this reason, she always think about trying with some of the natural home remedies through which she can easily catch with the large stunning eyelashes. But as at one side large eyelashes are sign of the attractive beauty then on the same side it do comprise of some interesting and unknown facts as well.

Interesting And Unknown Facts About Eyelashes

Fact No 1:

If your eyelashes are fallen down, then it would probably take the duration of about 4-8 weeks in terms of getting it appear once again.

Fact No 2:


In the category of the animals, you will only encounter the eyelashes as being found in the mammal animals. These eyelashes do perform the function of the whiskers of the cat that is helpful in order to capture the changes in the atmosphere .

Fact No 3:


Eyelashes do contain with almost 97% keratin and 3% of water.

Fact No 4:

Plus the life cycle of the eyelashes is about three months. Among two of the eyelashes, each eyelash has its own duration of growing. Every single 90 days, a new eyelash is grown.

Fact No 5:

One eyelash is different from the other one. The upper side of the eyelash are much abundant as in comparison with the lower of the half about. They even seems to be longer in the middle and hence shorter on the ends.

Fact No 6:

They normally fall on the average daily basis. It is being reported that on per day basis five eyelashes fall down. It take the duration of about 4-5 weeks in order to get the new eyelash grown once again and reach at the level of its complete length.

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