False Eyelashes- How to Apply Them Properly

Almost every female in the world want to have long eyelashes as they make one’s eyes appear bigger, fuller and more attractive. However, not everyone is blessed with long eyelashes. Fortunately, false eyelashes are easily available. The come in various styles, colors and sizes. However, they must be applied properly in order to look natural. Many people believe that only professionals at salons can apply them perfectly. This is not true because with proper know-how and some practice, anyone can master the art of applying false eyelashes. Following are the steps you need to take, in order to apply fake eyelashes properly so that they look natural.


Steps for Applying False Eyelashesfalse eyelashes

  1. Gather all the things you need before applying the eyelashes. These include the fake eyelashes, glue for sticking them, tweezers and a mirror.
  2. Next, remove the lashes from the packing and hold them against your eye. This will enable you to determine whether the lashes are longer than your own lash line. If they are, then you need to cut the strips so that they fit. If you leave them like that, they will drag your eyes down and that will definitely not look good.
  3. Now apply the glue on the base of the fake eyelashes. You can either apply on to the full length of the base or place dots on your own lash line with a micro-brush. After applying the glue, wait for 30 seconds before applying the eye lashes. Alternatively, you can opt for ready-glued eyelashes that you can stick on without applying glue.
  4. Pick up the lashes with tweezers and bring them close to the center of the lash line. Place the lash in the center of your own lashes. Press from end to end with your fingers and hold it for 30 seconds. This will allow the glue to set so that when you remove your fingers, the lashes will not fall off. Do this for both the eyes.
  5. Apply mascara after the eyelashes have been applied. Do this while pressing your fingers behind the fake eyelashes. This will bond the false eyelashes with your natural ones.
  6. If there are any gaps between your natural eyelashes and the fake ones, fill them with eyeliner.

That’s it; your false eyelashes have been applied successfully. If you want a more dramatic effect, apply fake eyelashes to the bottom of your eyes also. It is advised that you practice before applying the eyelashes for a special occasion as you will get better results with more practice.

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