Mahira Khan’s Makeup Artist Refused to Work with Sajal Aly And Ushna Shah

We remembered the time when well-known Pakistani makeup artist Omayr Waqar rudely lashes out at the Ushna Shah when she lent her voice in support of stray animals in the place of streets of Pakistan. Both of them were caught on social media passing some aggressive statements over one another where ushna went into tiff fight with the trolling followers on social media as well.

But now a new war is getting out on social media where Omayr Waqar has refused to work with Ushna Shah. But it is not just Ushna Shah! He has often said to avoid working with Sajal Ali in his future career!

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Omayr Waqar is working as the hair stylist for Mahira Khan these days. Omayr Waqar recently took part in the question-answer session through his Instagram stories and hence his followers took full advantage of it. One of the followers asked him with which actress he doesn’t want to work with to which he replied that it’s tough for him to choose between Sajal Aly and Ushna Shah. This is how he replied:


omayr waqar on ushna shah and sajal aly

Now let’s see how Ushna and Sajal will respond on it and whether they will hit back with a reply or not!

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