Mahira Khan Says She is Confident In Her Own Skin Despite Being Old in Age

Pakistani actor Mahira Khan opened up about how she has become a little much less apologetic over the years and is quite relaxed in her skin.

In an interview to BBC Asian Network, when requested that we see a long way extra unapologetic Mahira Khan than ever before so what has changed, she spoke back “Oh, I am older. I am older. I am greater blissful in my skin.”

On whether it’s due to the fact there’s nothing left to lose, the 34-year-old actress stated she doesn’t agree with that and shared “Now I have grown to be a little bit more like ‘Okay, this me, this is how I desire to be’. I am going to be less apologetic due to the fact there was a time when I used to be constantly like ‘sorry about the way I look, sorry about the way I am’…”

The actress revisited some of her most iconic roles and one such position was once performed through her in Bollywood movie, Raees starring Shah Rukh Khan.


She admitted that she didn’t appreciate the film to it’s fullest when it used to be launched which ideally she need to have. “I don’t suppose this has been appreciated adequate through me, overlook each person else. I suggest can you imagine? This happened,” she stated referring to her Bollywood debut.

The actress stated that for the duration of the filming process, she maintained her silence because she idea that  “When it will release, I knew that me and Shah Rukh would have had so plenty fun promoting it and speaking about what happened” however unluckily she in no way received the risk to do that.

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