Sajal Aly Beautiful Photos Go Viral

The movie ” What’s Love Got To Do With It “, produced by Jemima Goldsmith, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, is bound to become very popular. The beautiful photos in the film are widely distributed. Sajal Aly Beautiful Photos Go Viral, Sajal Aly, who played a role in the film made by Jemima, has finished filming and will return to Pakistan soon.

Sajal Aly Beautiful Photos Go Viral

In the widespread photos, Sajal Aly can be seen in a beautiful, gorgeous dress. The musician called “Naughty Boy” wears Sherwani and Jemima Goldsmith wears a suit. Fans of Sajal Aly are eagerly looking forward to this film. The other main characters in Jemima movies are Lily James, 32-year-old actress Shehzad and 61-year-old actress Emma. It is not clear what role they will play in the film. According to reports in the foreign media, the story of the movie “What does love have to do with it” was written by Jemima herself, inspired by her love and marriage story with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

So far, this photo has received thousands of likes and comments from Indian artists and others around the world. Although information about the film and its story is kept secret, it turns out that this is a “comedy love story” in which a boy and a girl come from two different cultures.

The film is directed by Shekhar Kapoor, who has directed several Bollywood and Hollywood films, including the popular Mr. India. Bollywood film producer Shekhar Kapoor’s work “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” won an Oscar in 2007. In this film, Cate Blanchett shows the true essence of the performance.

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