Nargis Fakhri – Biography and Portfolio

Today we will talk about a model turned into a super-star. She appeared in America’s next top model season 2 and then become a Super-Star through a blockbuster Imtiaz Ali’s movie ROCKSTAR. Yes we are talking about none other than Nargis Fakhri.



Nargis Fakhri is an American citizen born in October 20, 1979 Queens, New York. Her mother is a Czech and her father was a Pakistani. At the age of seven her parents got divorced. Her father died decade ago but her mother still lives and is a cancer survivor. Her mother will soon be getting retirement from the US police force.

Her hobbies include meditation yoga and cooking. But cooking is on top of her list. She is even taking cooking lessons and seems to be found of Indian cooking especially. She mentioned this in one of her tweetists.

 “I’m learning to cook some Indian dishes today! Home cooking class with Munna! Yay! My first cooking lesson at my home.” 

One wonders even spending major part of her life in US why would she like Indian food ??….

She started her career as a model at the age of 16 and when asked was this what she had planned all along. She replied

 “I was 16 when I started modeling. It wasn’t planned, but nothing in my life has or ever will be planned” 

One of her prominent work was her appearance in American Next Top Model season 2 and 3 in 2004. After that she posed for Kingfisher Swinsuit Calendar in 2009. But her major breakthrough was in year 2011 when she made her feature film debut in a Bollywood film Rockstar along with Ranbir Kapoor which was released on 11 November 2011. When she was asked how excited was she, when imtiaz ali called her for the film she admitted that unlike some struggling upcoming stars she wasn’t interested in signing the movie on the contrary she was perused to play the main lead role in Rockstar. She said

I’ve never been a movie buff. If I did go to a theatre to watch a film, half the time, I would fall asleep. As a child, I did watch some Hindi movies at home with dad, but I didn’t know who anyone was. I wasn’t interested, honestly.” 

Then she added

 “I wasn’t very keen to meet him, but because the appointment was fixed in Prague, my mother’s birthplace, I thought, ‘Why not?’ I would learn more about my mum’s culture enjoy a good holiday and see where this meeting would take me.” 

She was awarded the 13th IFFA award as the “Hottest Pair of the Year” along Ranbiar kapoor, for her Heer Kaul role played in Rockstar. Nargis has presently signed on for three film contracts with  Akshay Kumar’s Hari Om Production.


Rumors has it that Nargis and late Yash Chopra’s son Uday Chopra are to tie the knot. They are very serious about their relationship.Their families have met and they also approve of this union. But due to the sudden death of yash chopra, the couple have delayed their nuptial to next year.All we do is to wish them best luck for their future live.

Thus, this also solves the mystery behind Nargis special likeness for Indian food. 


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