Latest hair styles for girls 2011

Tired of your daily normal hair do. Want to look different? Here is what you can do with your hair style  in order to give your self a new look. Your hair is one thing that can make a women look older or younger, if you think that you are giving too much of an older look go for a hair cut according to your face. There it is a new you.

straight here are almost out but none the less we cannot deny the fact that they loo extremely gorgeous. you must try different hair styles on you for example curly hair, soft curls with flick, If you are uncomfortable with long hair you can also go for short ones, i.e short bob, but make sure that it goes with your face structure. You can always go for a messy look with your hair considering it being less time consuming.

straight hair with fringe 12

back bun 356



curls with rollers12


short bob 13

shoulder bob 15

soft curls 56

soft curls with flick


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