Short Hairstyles for summer 2011

Today, no body has time to take care of his/her body, skin, hair, clothes, etc but everybody wants to look fabulous. Taking care of this thing, these days short hairstyles have become a rage. For summer, they are ideal as they are easy to manage and you do not even feel uncomfortable with them. Also, popular stars like Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Emma Watson, Paris Hilton, etc have donned this look which is why you could be confident while carrying it.

So if you are convinced enough to have short hair, then here are some of the great short hairstyles for summer 2011.

Get Fabulous With Layered Pixie Cut

Pixie cut is one of the most admired haircuts for a woman who has short hair. If you wish to have simple pixie cut then it is good but what would make it even better is some layering along with spikes. This cut is easy to maintain and when it comes to styling, you would be done by it even before starting it! It is ideal for women who work and can go with every occasion. You could have long tapered bangs right at the centre to get perfect pixie cut.


Bob Cut for Classic Look

Bob cut is most common haircut and yet it is one of the best short hairstyles for summer 2011. They can give a flattering look to any women since it goes with almost every face cut. However, bob hairstylesare ideal for women who have oval or long shaped face. Just like pixie cut, it is easy to style which makes is suitable for office going women. You could do it with different hair texture such as straight, wavy, curly, etc. If you think bob cut is way too simple then go for playboy hairstyle which involves blunt and edgy bangs. Make use of hair accessories like clips, pins, etc to have a feminine look.

Spikes for Women

This may sound a bit weird but women could have spikes. They look sporty and look great if you wish to have a hard look. You could style your hair in different ways because this cut allows you to do so and also you would not have problems while washing them, carrying them, etc. for further experiment, you could get your hair colored according to your preferences.

So this was all for the short hairstyle for summer 2011. Hope you get great ideas from this article.

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