Blow Dry Hair Effectively With these Tips

Blow dryer is an electrical device that helps in drying your hair through cool, warm and hot air. Many girls blow dry their hair but few have positive results. Many girls also experience negative effects of blow drying hair. The negative effects are experienced because many girls do not know how to blow dry hair effectively. A few precautions need to be taken when when doing it. Otherwise, one might experience negative effects like hair fall, dryness of hair and split ends. Some of the tips to blow drying hair effectively are mentioned blow drybelow.


Blow Dry Tips

  • Read the instructions manual that came with your blow dryer carefully before using the device. Many people use these devices without reading the manual and thus, have to face negative consequences.
  • Dry your hair with a towel before  blow drying. If you try to blow dry hair that is dripping wet, the process will take a long time. Drying your hair will speed up the process of blow drying. However, do not dry your hair vigorously as this will cause the hair to become frizzy and even break.
  • Try different temperatures and heat settings on your blow dryer. If you do not have one with multiple settings, then invest in one. Do not set a very high temperature as it can result in overheating of the device.
  • Apply mousse, gel, lotion or spray to your hair before the process. This will prevent moisture and heat in the atmosphere from being absorbed by the hair and breaking the bonds. Thus, your hair will stay in shape for a longer period of time.
  • Untangle the knots from your hair with a comb before blow drying. This will make the process easier. Combing hair will also give you a sort of a rough draft to work with.
  • Divide your hair into sections and dry them with the blow dryer separately. This will make blow drying easier. Use hair clips to hold each section in place, while you blow dry a particular section.
  • Keep the blow dryer about 6 inches away from your hair. This will prevent hair damage caused by intense heat. Also, keep moving the blow dryer around rather than using it on the same spot for a long time. This will also prevent damage to hair.
  • Use the blow dryer in a downward motion in order to avoid hair damage.
  • Leave your hair a little damp rather than blow drying it fully until all the dampness is gone. This will make your hair soft by allowing it to absorb the remaining moisture. Your hair will also be able to recover from the blast of hot air.
  • Use cool air in the final few seconds. This will lock the shine in your hair.
  • Move the blow dryer in the same direction as the brush. This will give a perfect look.
  • To make your hair sleek and shiny after you are finished apply some anti-frizz serum.
  • Do not use the blow dryer very frequently. At most, you should use it thrice a week.

Many experts suggest natural drying for healthy hair. However, if you have to blow dry hair due to lack of time, follow the above tips to prevent damage and make your hair look great afterwards.

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