Important Tips To Deal With Dehydration During Ramadan

Ramadan brings numerous fruits and foods for Muslims. Mostly people face the problem of dehydration when half fast passes away. In this article we will discuss important and simple tips to deal with dehydration during Ramadan. Every Muslim should follow these tips at the time of Iftar and Sahri. The important and simple tips are as follows:

  1. The important tip to deal with dehydration during Ramadan is that person should never skip Sahri. Sahri is the most important and significant time for those Muslims who wants to fast in Ramadan. Some Muslims have strong misconception to skip sahri and consume huge meal before sleeping. In order to deal with dehydration, it is advisable that every Muslim should develop a habit to get up in sahri and eat proper and complete sahri meal. In this way, every Muslim will get maximum quantity of vitamins that would be very helpful for controlling dehydration.
  2. The second tip for dealing with dehydration is that Muslims should prepare perfect meal for sahri time. During sahri time, every Muslim should take at least two glasses of water. It helps to regulate the blood in human body and also provides maximum quantity of oxygen in order to beat the dehydration.


3. Lastly, every Muslim should take healthy Aftar meal. As we know that in Ramadan the trend of eating hot samosas with heavy sauce, eating tasty pakoras, fizziy drinks and delicious fruit chat. So it is very important that every Muslim should eat healthy Aftar meal in order to combat dehydration. During Aftar time, Muslims should take soft drinks in small sips. It is advisable that Muslims should take hot lemon tea or green tea during Aftar time. It reduces the thirst feeling and brings healthy and positive impact on human digestive system.

Finally, these are important tips for dealing with dehydration during Ramadan. If you want to beat your dehydration then you should implement these tips during Ramadan.

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