Healthy Way To Lose Weight

The various health studies has given a long list of food that one should avoid in order to maintain the ideal weight or the foods that one should take to loss the weight. However,

it is also the fact that balanced diet is very important for

healthy weight and healthy person because it is the need of our body and it helps in the functioning of our body systems.

Therefore, we must always design our diet plan that includes all five essential groups of food and that maintains our energy level.

Here is the tip of foods that one should take from each food group that will not only help in reducing the weight but also it will keep the person healthy.

Protein: Protein helps in producing the hormone that controls the hunger and therefore, proteins helps in reducing obesity. One should give 15 to 20 percent part to protein foods like lean meat, skinless chicken, cold water fish, egg protein shakes, and soy proteins in a healthy diet plan.

Carbohydrates: it is generally assumed that carbs are one of the major reason of obesity however this is also the fact that eating right kind of carb actually helps in marinating ideal weight. So avoid carbs like bread, pasta. According to dieticians there are various carbohydrates that are categorized as third fiber type. These fibrous carbohydrates are present in whole grains, legumes, uncooked potatoes, green bananas and high amylase corn. These resistant starches are also found in cooked and cooled digestible starch as corn flakes. Carbs are proved to be the best way to melt down the belly fat.



Fatty Diets: Whenever we decide to diet we start avoiding taking fats but fats are one of the important requirements of the body and Mother Nature has gifted us good fats in the form of Omega 03 in some foods. Steam and grilled food helps in fulfilling the need of fats in body without interfering with the ideal weight.

Fruits: Vitamins are extracted by the body from fruits. It is also the source of water in the form of juices. Apples, bananas, strawberries, all berry fruits, oranges and other citric fruits also helps is shedding down the body fat.

Water: Take two glass of water every morning with few drops of lemon in it, is one of the popular home tip to reduce the weight at the fast pace and same thing has been proved by the research that says in each pound there is 3500 calories and a person can possibly lose 02 pounds each month by consuming water 10-20 minutes prior every meal.

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