Humayun Saeed reacts after ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ slap scene goes viral


Humayun Saeed reacts after ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ slap scene goes viral, Mere Paas Tum Ho, the most watched TV serial of 2019 had the most startling turn and social media is going head over heels. Of course Humayun Saeed has won hearts again, regardless of the amount of times he has occupied our TV screens. However, what made this episode stand out was the long awaited slap, that viewers felt Adnan Siddiqui deserved, but never received – Until now.

The slap led to a huge uproar on social media, as if people had watched all those episodes to finally witness that one moment. So much that the significance of it has turned into memes and Saeed complimented Siddiqui for having taken it, so naturally.

Saeed wrote on his Twitter yesterday evening, “Thank you for all the love and appreciation! It kind of feels strange to ‘like’ or respond to all the excitement on someone being hit though.” he addressed the violent nature of the audience in general, which echoed with his character in the serial.

“I have to admit, the credit goes to Adnan Siddiqui whose wonderful reaction to my action has made this sequence such a success.” The star confessed that it was in fact the one who took the slap, who deserved the applause.

His thread was followed by a number of users who continued to laud Saeed, further adding that it was exactly what he deserved.


Host Noreen Khan also reacted to Saeed’s tweet, desiring more of the ‘WWE’ moves, “Do we get to see more WWE moves in the next episode? Hope so.” To which the actor responded by saying that he has done enough.

Actor-cum-model Hira Tareen also responded to his post, exposing his possible intentions. “You also have to accept that you’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now.”

“Your action was so lethal, a reaction had to occur.” claimed one user as he added the two did a fantastic job in the serial.

This user on the other hand had critically analysed the victimised actor as he claimed, “Adnan Siddiqui’s reaction was a good one. His body movement added to the moment that had been building up with the audience as the viewers couldn’t have taken more injustice with Danish.” He suggested, reciprocating sympathy towards towards the protagonist, “This part of the drama, just took out all the pent-up emotions. Really good acting by all.”

While this user claimed it was simply amazing that the protagonist finally decided to make a come back. Adding that he was too curious to know what might happen next.




This individual, however, confessed that the entire nation was just waiting for that one moment and it has made their lives easier. “Really? you’re talking about excitement? The entire country was just waiting for that one slap. I can finally rest in peace now.”

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