Meesha Shafi Gives Befitting Reply To Haters Amid Rumors

The Indian media reported that singer Ali Zafar had won a defamation case and that singer Meesha Shafi had been sentenced to three years in prison. Meesha Shafi is a famous model, actress and singer in Pakistan. Meesha Shafi Gives Befitting Reply To Haters Amid Rumors, In 2013 she played a supporting role in Mira Nair’s film “The Reluctant Fundamentalist”, which was her debut. Last year she starred in a Bollywood film “Bag Mirha Bagh”. This film is one of the most successful Bollywood films in all regions of India in 2013. As both singers became popular on Twitter and other online platforms, the rumors caused a stir on social media.

Meesha Shafi Gives Befitting Reply To Haters Amid Rumors

However, the “Boom Boom” singer made it clear that she was not sentenced to prison. She urged others not to believe in false news. Meesha Shafi was given to brothers and sisters with this talent. Her brother Faris Shafi is a well-known performance artist. He is also a rapper. Her younger brother is Ali Abbas. He is also a television actor. Meesha married actor Mahmood Rahman in 2008.

When she recently posted a new photo on her Instagram account, she was speechless. She shared a photo and mentioned the title,

“This is a picture I don’t want to put in jail, you fool!”

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She shared another selfie with a fierce headline,

‘Keep the crown chakra lit. Trust because of hate. “”

She is wearing a fur coat and is smiling.

Meesha Shafi made his first film with the TV series “Muhabbat Khawab Ki Soorat” and it was shown on Hum TV. In 2007 she played in the TV series “Yazdaji Tonashi” from Geo TV.

Meesha enters Hollywood with Mira Nair’s Hollywood film “The Reluctant Fundamentalists” (with Riz Ahmed and Kate Hudson Hudson). The film describes the most serious impact Americans had on Muslims after September 11th. Meesha played a modern and confident Pakistani singer. Although the film received praise from Meesha, it received widespread audience praise but failed at the box office.

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