How To Store Your Perfume Last Longer

Do you know that you can even store your perfume for longer time period? If you have any one of your favorite perfume and you think that very soon it will get finish then you can make the choice of storing for longer time period as well. You have to make sure one thing that you handle the perfumes with great care so that you would be able to keep its original scent along with you. Some of the people are not aware from the fact that oils and alcohols are one of the major reasons that can lose out the real smell of the perfume.

How To Store Your Perfume Last Longer

How To Store Your Perfume Last Longer
Now below are some of the magical tricks that will let you know that how can you store the perfume and its fragrance for longer time scale:

1. Keep It Behind the Clothes:

Always make sure one thing that direct sunlight will going to let the perfume lost its fragrance. In such conditions you have to make sure that you don’t place them in the areas where there are maximum light and sun rays. It would be best to place them behind your clothes.


2. Away from Heat:

Try to keep the perfume bottles all away from the heat. Excessive heat temperature can allow the scent to lose away. You can store them inside the freezer or even in the refrigerator.

3. Choose Frosted or Opaque Bottles:

Don’t place the perfumes in the open shelf and dresser. You can make the use of placing them inside the frosted or fully opaque bottles so that it can stop away the liquid from getting hold too much light.

4. Place at Dry Location:

You should be placing it at some of the dry locations. If in case you have some huge cupboard then you can even make the choice of placing it right there.

5. Handle with Care:

You should be handling each single perfume bottle with great care and attention. You can make the choice of using an opaque glass bottle or can even carry in your handbag.

6. Avoid Shaking:

Lastly never shake the bottle otherwise it will going to lose away all its scent.
Well if you want your perfume to be longer lasting in fragrance then follow the above mentioned six best and treasury tips right now. You will going to feel the perfume scent as it was the one when you bought it for the very first time.

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