Latest Jewellery and Dresses for Women at Musnad

Musnad is a brand that is launched recently, it offers exotic fashion dresses and a very trendy jewellery line for women. The dress collection by Musnad includes an exclusive line of casual wear, formal wear and bridal wear dresses for women, all designed professionally with pure elegance. The dresses are surely something that is unique and one on its own with super stylish cuts and designs in the most beautiful choice of colors and embellished with detailings like embroidery, laces or sequins. Kurtis by Musnad are extremely chic and are a must have for every girl because. Where as the formal wear line is something to be touted about, as it includes so of the most adorable pieces of outfits like long shirts with thread work detailings or a shirt with A-line silhuoette, all very elegant and stylish. Bridal Dresses by Musnad are extremely beautiful and are epitomes of true feminine grace. From the choice of colors to the embroidery and cuts all are nothing but PERFECT for the big day of the bride. On the other hand Musnad has also launched ‘Accessories by Musnad’ which contains some of the most epic pieces of jewellery and other accessories that are surely to be loved.

 White Formal Dress by Musnad 009

 Thread Work Shirt at Musnad 008


 Sea Green Formal Dress by Musnad 003

 Peach and Black Dress by Musnad 006

 Musnad Accessories 012


 Jewellery Collection at Musnad 007

 Jewellery by Musnad 010

 Green Bridal Dress by Musnad 011

 Formal wear for women 004

 Dresses For Women by Musnad 002

 Bridal Dresses by Musnad 005

 Black Kurti by Musnad 001



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