Ladies Handbags and Accessories Collection by Mahin Hussain

Mahin Hussain is a passionate accessories designer, specializing in leather handbags. She launched her first handbags and clutches collection in 2008 which became a big hit and since then she has made wonders happen! Following the international trends, the brand brings out its Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collections every year with the most extraordinary and unique desings the are simply incomparable with any other. The brand offers a wide variety of pure leather handbags and clutches in bold and vibrant colors embellished with embroidery and motifs making it all the more classy. Having a modern perspective on fashion, Mahin designs each of the pieces in her collection with grandeur and simplicity. The use of bold colors makes her collection come to life and tout about the creativity and magic she puts in the designs. Her inspiration for our culture is also very prominent in her designs, and she has creatively accentuated it in her collection of contemporary handbags. With her designs she is definitely going to become the ‘next big thing’!

Stock available at Ensemle (Karachi), Fp Lounge (Lahore), L’atelier and Melange (Islamabad) and recently in Dubai as well. You can even place an order for your favourite one at


Trendy Leather Handbags 012 


Stylish Clutch by Mahin Hussain 008 



Slim Jim Clutch with rich gold motifs 002 


Psychedelia Handbag by Mahin Hussain 008 


Pink Handbag 003 



Op Art Pure Leather Handbag 008 


Mahin Hussain Handbags Collection 001 


Mahin Hussain Accessories Summer Collection 2011 076 


Mahin Hussain Accessories 003 


Long Star Hot pink clutch 007 


Jamaica Trendy Handbag 006 


Gold Flower Clutch in bold colors 005 


Gay Time Pure Leather Clutch 004 


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